BISO Bergen

Here you can find relevant information about membership benefits, events and available position at campus Bergen.

Membership benefits

Maximize your student time by being a BISO-member

Career benefits

BISO helps you land the job!

At BISO Bergen you get relevant experience through voluntary work, courses and workshops. With us you receive benefits that will help you in your work life!

Social network

Find your friends for life!

Our members can apply for positions with our staff function, or interest groups. You can also participate on exclusive events both on Campus and nationally.


A safe study time is a good study time

Som BISO medlem blir stemmen din hørt, og styrket i studentpolitikken og akademia. Du får også tilgang på rabatter i det lokale næringslivet.

As a BISO member, your voice will be heard and strengthened in the student policits and Akademia. You will also get access to discounts in the local business environment.


Step for Step- How to receive the benefits


Download the BI-Student App and login


Select BISO in the tabs


Select the desired payment option


Vipps, then you have all the member benefits!

Events in Bergen

What is happening in BISO Bergen?

Sub units in Bergen

Join making the student time even better for BI Students!


Join this years big events!



Fadderullan is BISO Bergens largest social event! It is also the first event fresh students will experience, and often make friends for the rest of their student period



Career days

Career days is BISO Bergens largest professional event. During this period you will you will be able to join seminars and fair days with many organisations!

P&P Storefjell Fult Format (13 of 126)


Winter Games

Winter Games is BISOs largest national project and afterski-event. The trip to Storefjell is filled with fun activities, entertainment and a nice vibe!

Contact information

Contact BISO Bergen

Visit us

Kong, Chr. Frederiks gate 5, 5006 Bergen

Send an email

Olene Helgeland

+47 414 93 751

Johan Lowzow

Head of Business Relatons
+47 984 35 878

Anders Espelid

Financial Controller
+47 468 62 065

Emilie Litleré

Head of External Affairs +47 453 70 516

Embla Higgins

Head of Content, Marketing & PR
+47 980 42 407

Synne Myksvoll

Head of Academics & Sustainability
+47 922 43 410

Andrea Nygaard Olsen

Head of Projects
+47 466 84 070

Giggi Maxine Eidslott

Head of Internal Affairs
+47 980 37 009


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