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kr 500kr 1500

Find an available locker in the booklocker room, and fill in which locker you have chosen.
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Pick a locker from the Locker room, and include this as instructed.

Questions regarding the locker assigned can be sent to

BISO Book Locker BU1


*BISO members 500 NOK / Year

Non BISO members 1500 NOK / Year

You are obligated to obtain a proper lock for the booklocker and ensure its condition is fit for use. BISO is not liable for any personal belongings that are lost or stolen.
The presence of food or other waste will not be tolerated.

The deadline for emptying your locker is 1st of August 2024. Lockers that have not been emptied out by this date, will be cleaned out by the BISO Management. Regardless, BISO is not responsible for the loss of valuables.

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